Wednesday, July 11, 2007

07 07 07 Oh Boy!

This is my first ever blog in my entire life !
Hi I am Lucille - Wedding Planner to the Stars .....Ok maybe I should re-phrase that; all brides that get married in Grenada "Isle of Spice" enjoy Star treatment!

I never thought about having a blog before, but I do really consider myself lucky & privaledged to be with couples at a most personal and emotional times in their lives - . Assisting them plan their wedding and then see it all come together on the day. My friend Carolyn suggested I share some of what I think & experiences as well as open the doors of discussion. So I hope we can assist each other, as well as have some fun ( hence my opening introduction!). I will be posting ideas, tips & suggestions for other couples, thinking about tying the knot in Paradise.

I am feeling particulary confident about finally getting the courage to start a blog as this weekend our small company "Grenada Wedding "completed 4 sucessful weddings on 07-07-07, (very lucky for some). I have a super team & thanks to our clients; we were able to plan, witness & enjoy 4 totally different weddings, throughout the day & across the island, each relaxed and kissed by the sun & turquoise blue sky that we are blessed with in Grenada more often than not. Spice Island certainly hit the jackpot for iddyllic beaches, plantation houses & waterfalls. The locations where our weekend weddings took place.
So incase you didnt know, heres some facts about 07-07-07 weddings. Taken from the July 8th New York Times......."According to, a popular wedding planning Web site, there are about 12,000 weddings registered through the site on a typical Saturday in July. But on 7-7-07, an estimated 38,000 weddings are registered. Even actress Eva Longoria married NBA star Tony Parker on 7-7-07."It's a trend that started when we hit the millennium - it's not only 7-7-07, it's 2-2-02, 4-4-04, it just triggers something in people," said Bev Bedard, executive director of North Lake Tahoe Wedding Association. "I'm fully booked that day with three weddings and I turned away four or five couples. Everyone I know is booked for that day"

Well persoanly I think it will be certainly easier for the grooms to remember their wedding anniversary & a quick calculation in the future to know for how many years. It was certainly lucky for our company and we are not even a gambling island!
Do you know anyone who got married overseas on 07-07-07 ? I look foward to talking with you.